Guide for prospective adoptive parents

Adoption is a beautiful way to build a family, and Kentucky has a long and proud history of providing loving homes for children in need. However, the adoption process can be complex and overwhelming, so having a trusted attorney by your side is crucial. Who can adopt in Kentucky? Individuals who have reached the age […]

How are assets divided in a divorce?

Divorce can be a complex and emotional process, and dividing assets is one of the most challenging aspects. In Kentucky, there are two main ways assets can be divided in a divorce: equitable distribution and community property. Equitable distribution Equitable distribution is the default method of dividing property in a divorce. This means that assets […]

Estate Planning for LGBTQ Couples in Kentucky

Same-sex marriage is now legal in all 50 states. But this does not mean that LGBTQ couples are automatically protected by the same estate planning laws as heterosexual couples. In fact, there are still some important considerations that LGBTQ couples need to make when it comes to estate planning. Here are some things to keep […]

Virtual visits

With the advancement of technology, parents and their children can stay connected even when they are not together. Virtual visitation allows families to interact and stay in touch despite physical distances. Most virtual visitation arrangements accommodate communication between a child and any parent with whom they do not reside on a given day. These virtual […]

Shared custody

In Kentucky, the terms “custody” and “parenting time” have different meanings than they do in other states. Custody refers to making decisions about the child’s life, while parenting time is used to define when each parent spends time with the child. This distinction is essential in understanding how Kentucky courts will approach custody and parenting […]

Tips for Talking to Kids About Divorce

Although it is a difficult discussion to have, talking to your children about the divorce is unavoidable. Depending on their age, they need to know the details of what is going on. Be sure to explain things in a way that is appropriate for their age group. One should be mindful and considerate when discussing […]

Adoption and divorce

Divorce is a complicated process that can be incredibly complex when children are involved. Although the legal relationship between two divorcing people ends with their separation, both parties still have certain rights and obligations related to their children, whether biological or adoptive. This includes providing financial support and making decisions about the child’s care. It […]

Establishing paternity

Establishing paternity is a crucial step for both the father and the child involved in the process. It is a way of legally recognizing the biological relationship between the two and can have far-reaching benefits for both parties. For the father, this means legally obtaining all the rights and responsibilities that come with fatherhood, such […]

Tips for Talking to Your Kids About Divorce

Divorce can be a difficult and emotional time for children and their parents. To ensure that children understand the intricacies of divorce, it is essential that parents approach the subject as openly and honestly as possible. By having an honest and respectful discussion about why their family is changing, parents can help their children understand […]

Unmarried couples

Unmarried couples also face certain legal problems. It is essential to consult an experienced attorney to better understand these issues. The following are some of these issues to be aware of: ● Problems with children Unmarried couples who have children together and then decide to separate face problems very similar to those of couples who […]