Domestic Violence

You deserve to be treated well, especially by those close to you. When that doesn’t happen and you need protection, I can help you work toward it. With an empathetic practice and a background in social work, I am uniquely situated to work with you in these sensitive areas. I want to help, and I’ll do so judgment free.

Family Law

Divorce | Even when you know it needs to happen, divorce is never easy. Fleur de Law is committed to compassionately helping you through this process and ensuring that the legal side of things go as smoothly as possible. I know that the legal aspect of a divorce is only one part of the process, so I am determined to walk you through it without complicated legalese and impossible-to-understand forms. You don’t have to do this alone. I am here to provide excellent legal service so that you can focus on carrying on.

Prenuptial Agreements | Being prepared isn’t just for the Boy Scouts. Having a prenuptial agreement doesn’t mean that you’re planning for a divorce or don’t love your future spouse; it’s just making sure that you have everything in order in case something doesn’t go to plan. I can make the process simple and understandable so that you can focus on your upcoming marriage.

Adoption | While starting a family always comes with challenges, navigating the legal process shouldn’t be one of them. The right lawyer will educate and empower you throughout the adoption process so you feel in control of your family’s situation. Let me lead the legal process of adopting so you can focus on growing your family.

You are the expert of your own life.

Let me be the expert of your legal process.