About Us

Empathy, kindness, and excellence at the service of your well-being.

Founded and located in Louisville, KY, Fleur de Law is a legal firm that covers a wide array of family law cases including domestic violence lawsuits, divorce cases, and asset and children custody-related claims. Taking a holistic approach to legal services, we take advantage of our lead attorney’s background in social work to ensure that we are not only preparing a winning case but that we are doing so with the goal of ensuring your safety and well-being.

As a firm, we want to give you the option to take control of your life and to be able to step away from violent and unfair situations.

We want you to feel confident and secure in the legal representation you choose

As a firm, we approach every single case we represent with the guiding philosophy that a competent attorney should care about you, the client, as much or even more than they care about winning cases. You deserve an option that focuses on your well-being; stop feeling lost, confused, and dismissed. Schedule a consultation with Fleur de Law today to be one step closer to the peace of mind you deserve.

About Samantha

Hi, I’m Samantha Hall!

I’m a lifelong Louisvillian and the first lawyer in my family. I care about your problems and will listen to you and help you work toward a resolution.

I’m dedicated to helping people thrive in their lives. I recognize that legal processes can be daunting; my job as your lawyer is to be the expert of your case so you can be the expert on the rest of your life.

I am particularly passionate about family and immigration law and am experienced in both areas. My devotion began with a Bachelor of Social Work and continued into my law school career as I spent summers doing immigration work and a year practicing domestic violence cases and mediating parenting time agreements.

In 2020, 54% of law students were female, but women comprised only 25% of named partners in law firms across the country.

According to one study by The American Lawyer, “women will achieve gender parity in equity partnerships in 160 years.”

Those are some pretty grim numbers.

Achievements & Affiliations

I didn’t want to wait 160 years for equal representation in the workforce, and I didn’t want to claw my way to a seat at a table that is built on centuries of excluding women. So, I decided to build my own table and founded Fleur de Law.

Instead of searching for a woman-owned law firm that would serve the community I love, I made my own.

I’ve lived in Louisville my entire life, and I am so excited to build my business in the city I love and serve the amazing people here. 

The fleur de lis is a symbol of Louisville, and I wanted to incorporate this symbol into my firm to show myself and those around me that I am dedicated to serving Louisvillians. 

In addition to being a symbol of Louisville, it is a symbol of light and life. I want to embrace this to show that, while legal action can make the world feel like it is ending, an excellent lawyer can help life go on.

That’s who I want to be for you and your case.