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Contested and Uncontested Divorce:

According to Kentucky Laws, a divorce can be reached in either contested (with at least one of the involved parties disagreeing to the terms and conditions of the divorce) or uncontested (with both parties agreeing on all terms and conditions of their divorce) terms. No matter the terms in which a divorce is reached, we will help you reach a resolution that is the most beneficial to all parties involved.

Child Custody and Support:

Child custody is often the most contentious and emotionally challenging area of family law, especially when divorced parents have to settle schedules and factors related to the cost of childcare. We know how affected children can be by family disputes, so we will ensure to always act with their safety in mind.

Protective orders against domestic violence (EPO/IPO):

In Kentucky, the only people who qualify for a protective order are those under a qualifying relationship with the respondent (the person you want to get an order against). If you have been the victim of any violence, we will help you get the protections you need.

Our background in social work gives us an advantage in every case we tackle

Contacting an attorney while dealing with a violent situation can often be stressful, with many firms treating their clients as walking paychecks. Contact us today and get legal representation that will make a difference.