Criteria in Custody Cases

In Kentucky, the law states that courts must consider what is best for the child when making decisions regarding custody and visitation.

Judges must be able to determine that a father can meet his children’s basic needs. The ruling may take into account the following criteria:

Parents must have the ability to provide a clean and safe environment.

To live a healthy and happy life, a child needs to have access to food, clean clothing, and a safe place to sleep at night. Children cannot thrive in a home where parents are unable to provide a safe environment. Parents must have an emotionally and financially stable home where their children can function feeling loved and protected.

Domestic Violence Accusations

Suppose a parent is accused of committing acts of domestic violence or sexual abuse against a child. In that case, courts may order investigations by law enforcement or child protective services to ensure the safety of the child. If there are findings of abuse, the courts may choose to remove the child from contact with her parents and place them in an alternative arrangement.

Alcohol or drug abuse

In cases of parents with alcohol or drug abuse or dependency problems, the courts will closely observe the living environment and determine whether the child is at risk. Judges will consider the number and severity of parental violations, as well as how these violations could affect children.

In the case of a custody dispute, the judge may appoint a lawyer for the child to ensure that the child’s best interests are represented.

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