Shared custody

In Kentucky, the terms “custody” and “parenting time” have different meanings than they do in other states. Custody refers to making decisions about the child’s life, while parenting time is used to define when each parent spends time with the child.

This distinction is essential in understanding how Kentucky courts will approach custody and parenting time cases.

How does it work

Joint custody is a legal agreement in which two parents share the responsibility of raising their child. This means making decisions together about your child’s education, extracurricular activities, medical decisions, and more.

It can be a complicated process for both parents to navigate, but there are benefits to having joint custody. By working together, both parents can ensure that their children have the best care and support system possible.

Parenting time

They must also decide on parenting time. Ensuring that both parents have adequate parenting time with the child is important, as it can help the child build strong relationships with both parents.

Additionally, creating a detailed parenting time schedule can help ensure that it is clear to all parties involved when and how much time each parent has with their child.

Each individual’s case is unique, and it is beneficial to consider it from all angles by talking with your spouse and consulting an attorney. This can help provide clarity on the best course of action.


Working together to find mutually beneficial solutions can help divorcing couples move forward in a more positive and amicable way.

By working together, couples can make the best decisions for themselves and their families while reducing the amount of stress and conflict that often accompany divorce proceedings.

It’s also a great way to ensure that both spouses get what they need from the divorce process while preserving their relationship as much as possible.

By understanding your rights and responsibilities as a parent, setting realistic expectations, and being willing to compromise, you can ensure that the custody plan is beneficial to everyone involved.